The Professional Electrician Program

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The Professional Electrician Program

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This 3 Month program’s primary focus is to provide students with the theoretical tools to design and install Residential and Commercial electrical panels, raceways, and wiring based on the standards.
To do so, LCA Technical Institute built this course based on the latest National Electrical Code and Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code (USBC-2012, Chapter 27 Electrical), which are the main requirements for electrical construction in the United States and VA.

Course Syllabus:

Module #1:  Electrical Fundamentals

  • General information on electrical installations: Safety in the workplace; The working drawings; Symbols and notations; National electrical code (NEC).
  • Electricians’ tools / Safe use of hand tools.
  • Electrical symbols and Outlets.
  • Conductor sizes and types, wiring methods and connections, Voltage drop calculations.

Module #2:  Residential Electrical Wiring

  • Lighting fixtures and ballasts: Code requirements for installing recessed fixtures;
    Fluorescent ballasts and lamps.
  • Design and installation of lighting branch circuits for the entire house.
  • Design and installation of small appliance circuits for the kitchen.
  • Design and installation of dryer outlets & lighting circuits for laundry.
  • Design and installation of recreation areas.

 Module #3: Commercial Electrical Wiring                           

  • Special-purpose outlets.
  • Electric Heating & Air Conditioning.
  • Self-generating systems; Supply-circuit wiring; Control-circuit wiring.
  • Drawings and site work.
  • Design and installation of the feeder bus system and panelboards
  • Signaling systems.
  • Motors and controllers.
  • Special equipment.
  • Electrical protection methods.
  • Time: 144 Academic hours
  • Designation: PEP

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